School Rules! Only Read If You'll Be In Highschool!

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School Rules! Only Read If You'll Be In Highschool!

Post  Ushsi Shadow on Sat Sep 13, 2008 10:22 pm

This are the rules of the school and they must be respected.

1) Maintain your Human Appearance In School.

2) Never show your true nature to other students

3)Not transforming unless it is a dire situation

4) Respect your fellow student. No Bullying and No fighting.

5)Daggers and swords are allowed in the school as long as they are ONLY used in self-defense.

6) If a person bully's another student. No matter how little it is, bullying is bullying. I will not tolerate ANY kind of bullying what so ever. If you are bullied or think you are being bullied please come to me and let me read the post. If I find that it is a kind of bullying I WILL take action. You will have a severe warning. A second time will be more serious.
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