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Rules! Read these! Okay! Empty Rules! Read these! Okay!

Post  Ushsi Shadow on Sat Sep 13, 2008 10:17 pm

These are the rules. Respect them. If you break a rule, it may be forgiven the first time. But after that you better be careful, cause a ban is the only punishment we have against people who break these rules.

1) Role play in a nice way. It is useless to try and gain more and more power, and make it less fun for everyone. We are here to have fun, not to kill each other (There may be exceptions on the last part like always!)

2) Do not copy other peoples work from there profiles. If we catch any of this you will be warned and your profile will be deleted and must be re-made.

3) No god modding. Obviously, we will not tolerate god modding. It is lame and annoying for everyone, knock it off.

4) The Admins and Moderators will be respected. So no begging for Admin or Moderator status. If you know the admin or moderator do NOT blackmail or beg them to do something. This will result a direct ban. Kamalia, is the main admin of this forum. Any questions will have to be asked to her.

5) Go easy on the new guys. There might be some people on here who are already been Role playing like this for a while, so we ask you guys, if a new person does something wrong, or breaks a rule (BY ACCIDENT), don't start yelling at him, just tell him about the mistake and let him adjust it. Help each other out here.

6) I might have stated it before, but don't go around thinking your better then everyone on the forum. Everyone is equal here. Any form of racism, harassment or because you are fighting with or without reason outside the forum and you drag it in here, will be resulted with a warning and a ban of 7 days. No exceptions made for old friends or new members.

7) There will be no porn on this forum. (Includes every kind of porn.) If someone violates this, they will be directly banned from the forum. His profile will be deleted along with his character sheet and he will get an IP ban forever. No exceptions.

8) We will not stand for childish acts. When you come here and role play please don't act like a 6 year old and cry when you don't get something you want. I hate whining. More than anything. So please, don't act like a kid.

9) Don't bring your real life onto this forum. We will not tolerate fights that happen here because of something the person did off the forum to you. Please kids, grow up.

10) If you have already created a profile and it has been accepted, and now wish to change it, you must consult an Admin and they will decided if the change should be allowed. This is things like changing your Creature form, Changing pictures, name changes etc.
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