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The Wolf-Girl  (Not completly done) Empty The Wolf-Girl (Not completly done)

Post  Savanna Tiger-Heart on Mon Sep 22, 2008 2:35 pm

The wolf’s spirit hovered over the small blue planet. She had lived there. For twelve years in fact. She watched with a detached fascination. Soon enough, she heard the familiar whistling of a spirit hurtling through the expanse of space, going to it’s promised body. She looked closely at the spirit, called out to it. The spirit looked at her, then invited her to come along. The wolf spirit happily flowed over to the human spirit, happy that there was finally something to do. The two connected, the spirits conjoining into one. They flew together toward the blue planet, to the body soon to be born.

Alena was born in the Americas to two loving parents. For a long time she was just like any other normal human child. She played with the other girls, but she loved to play with the boys. She had a weird interest in playing in the mud, catching frogs, bugs, fish. She liked to do boy things. Her mother yelled at her for getting her nice clothes dirty, and tried to teach her girl things such as sewing, knitting, things like this, but Alena didn’t want to do anything like this. The one place that her family could always find her was in the woods. She didn’t know why she liked to stare into the depths of the forest, peering into the shadows. As Alena reached her 13th year, she began to notice changes. Not just the changes that most girls get, small breasts protruding, slight acne, but she was also getting enhanced smell, sight, hearing. She didn’t know that these were different, however. Soon, her strength began to grow as well. She could wrestle any challenger to the ground. No one wanted to play with her anymore, knowing that she would beat them at anything they attempted to do. She was faster, stronger, and smarter then anyone in their colony. On the day she became a woman, the day she bled, something else happened. As the moon set on that fateful day, strange things began to unfold.

Alena was laying down to sleep, when, in the back of her mind, she felt a presence. It was something she had never felt before. She got up out of her bed and began to pace. Suddenly, she changed. She lurched down to the ground. Her spine cracked and grew longer. Her fingers folded and became shorter. Alena’s face seemed to shoot outwards, forming a muzzle. Silky, white, fur sprouted across her body. As the changes stopped, she began to panic. Her new form jumped across the room, landed on the windowsill, and lept into the cold night air. Her sleek form ran across the crisp frost covered grass, the cold not affecting her because of her thick pelt. The presence began to make itself more known, and she felt as if something else fitted itself into the form’s legs. She became merely a spectator. She then heard a voice, a musical voice. ‘I am Alala, War Goddess. I am the wolf half of you. I have watched you grow, struggle, and flourish. Now that you have reached your turning point, I can join you. I shall be with you everywhere you go. When you need help, I will be there.’ Alala slowed down the pace, now trotting across the grass, into the woods. Alena was amazed at how much more she could see and smell then in her human form. She watched as the trees whizzed past, mere streaks of light and smell. She never would have thought that each tree would have a specific smell. She could tell the oaks from the elms, birch from the pine, and so on. Throughout the night Alala showed Alena secrets that Alena had never know existed. She found out how to stalk a deer, how to ambush a rabbit. Alala even showed Alena that there were other wolves in the area, showing her the scent markings. Soon, daylight began to descend on the world, and, even though Alena begged to stay in the wolf form in the woods, Alala brought them back to the colony. As soon as Alala lept back into Alena’s bedroom, she changed back into the human form. She sat the body down and let Alena once again have control of the body. Alena slumped backwards on the bed. Soon, she got control of her limbs and sat up. “Are you still there Alala?” Alena asked out loud. Her mother began to come up the stairs. ‘You don’t have to speak to me out loud, you only have to think your words for me to hear you.’ Alala reproached her. ‘And you can’t tell ANYONE about this, or you could be killed.’ Alena jumped as her mother entered the room. “Who are you talking to?” She gave Alena a quizzical look. “No one mother, I was just… saying my prayers.” At this, Alena jumped off of her bed and bowed her head. Her mother sighed and shook her head as she left the room. “Why do I have to have such a weird daughter.” Alena tried to talk to Alala. ‘Can we sneak away again and become a wolf?’ Alala slowly arose from her slumber and spoke to the girl. ‘No, we cannot become wolf during the day. Only at night or in the darkness. And no, don’t think of locking yourself in the cellar, for I won’t change you down there either. Now if you don’t mind, I need to sleep. Last night took a lot of energy from me.’ Alena could almost see Alala curl up and fall back to sleep. Alena worked briskly through her morning chores, not being able to sit still for long, as she was impatient for night to fall again. Soon the local pack of boys came and interrupted her from her frantic chores. “Hey Alena, wanna have a swimming contest?” That was the lead boy, Frankie. “C’mon, it’ll be just down the river a ways. It’ll be fun!” Alala slowly woke up, she had never liked these boys. She knew that they would be nothing but trouble for Alena. “Sure, I bet I’ll beat you. You know that I’m better at swimming then you are.” Alena walked with the boys to the woods. Soon they came to the river. Once there, Frankie spoke up again. “I know your better then we will ever be, so you have to have a handicap. Something that will slow you down.” Alena was surprised at this, but she accepted. “What you will have to do is tie these rocks to your arms and legs. This will slow you down.” Alena looked at the rocks. They were kind of big, but she really wanted to race the boys. “Sure, why not. I bet I will still beat you guys.” So, Alena began to tie the rocks to her arms and legs. ‘Don’t do this Alena, this will mean nothing but bad news. You could get badly hurt.’ Alala began to speak quickly to Alena. ‘Please don’t do this. I can’t help you in the daytime, if you drown, we’re both going down.’ Alena ignored her and continued to tie the bonds. Soon, with a nicely tied fisherman’s knot, she had the rocks tied to her arms and legs. Alena walked slowly into the water, it was pretty cold. She dropped down, bending her knees, until her head was submerged in the water. The boys had already dived in. “C’mon Alena, lets get going! You aren’t chicken are you?” Alena hated being called chicken, so she took off through the water. Soon, both the boys and Alena were deep in the middle of the river. Stroke after stroke, it looked like Alena was winning. She made it to the other end of the river, then turned around and began to paddle back. The boys were just reaching the other side of the river. Alena was beginning to tire about half way, the stones being heavy burdens. Soon she could barely lift her arms anymore.
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