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Dalton the Hybrid Empty Dalton the Hybrid

Post  arbiter on Mon Sep 22, 2008 2:11 pm

race:hybrid werewolf/vampire mix
weight human:150
weight : mix 450
height 6 1/2 ft. both
Human: Dalton is very tall with a muscular form. He has long jet black hair that goes great with his eyes. His hair is usually spiked with a red headband covering part of his forehead. His face usually shows anger but has a calm undertone. Usually he wears a gold and black armor with a red cloak on his back. He carries a midnight colored sword along with two knifes, one small and one large. He also has his bow and arrows. In his human appearance he is very fast yet very stealthy for his size.
Dalton the Hybrid Anime

Mix:Dalton changes a lot when he enters his hybrid stage, looking more like a werewolf the anything. He has long black fur that matches his deep furious pitch black eyes. He has a streak of white fur, which runs all the way down his back. He has razor sharp claws, great for fighting his enemies, along with razor sharp fangs. His paws are extremely large and powerful, most likely knocking out a human in one hit. In this form his armor changes to silver and has giant black spikes that are painted with blood red at the tips.

Dalton the Hybrid Werewolf-2

Personality: He has a killerís personality but also has some of the touches that make him friendly to others. He is loyal to his friends but could care less if you are otherwise. He gives off deadly silent looks to people he doesnít like or doesnít want to talk to. He can be nice if you get to know him and become friends with.

Likes:Music, hunting, protecting friends and defeating enemies.
Dislikes:Quitters, quiet areas, hurting friends, and losing battles.
Frustrations:Quitters, most people that don't shut up, people that mess with my music, and people who lie.
Habits:Tunes people out while listening to music, listening to music, sword fighting, and hunting.

Powers:Super strength, speed, and having keen vision with include seeing in the dark. Since he is part werewolf he has the weakness to pure untainted silver.

Born into a family of theives a hundred years ago he was born to a werewolf father and a vampire mother his parents were hunted down and killed by hunters of the light. The hunters took him in cause they thought he was a normal human and trained him in the arts of swords,bows,and knives. They introduced him to music also and everytime he would get mad they would play him some music.
Then after everyone of the hunters died he went on to be what his parents were... theives. He could steal anything as long as he got payed for it. He was introduced to bounty hunting by a man he met in a back alley ever since he has always spent his time hunting, stealing, and hiding. He got caught after a really long heist. the police took him to jail and he met his best friend the shadow theif, together they broke out and started a place to hide theives. The shadow got killed by a werewolf's arrow and ever since then Dalton has sought revenge.

Example:Dalton was paid to slay a dragon near a cave in the mountains. He fought for a long while, it seemed shorter then it was for Dalton as he kept going. After what seemed to be a good while Dalton ran back a ways and took out his bow and a single arrow. Pulling back on the bowís string he aligned the arrow with the dragonís skin and let the sting go causing the arrow to hit the dragonís rough thick scaly skin. He then pulled out his sword and ran at the dragon. Stabbing it through the dragonís heart, he had won the fight. He would then go and get paid for his win.


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Dalton the Hybrid Empty Re: Dalton the Hybrid

Post  Isabelle BlackRose on Mon Sep 22, 2008 2:16 pm

ok it's good i'd accept it but that's Ushsi's Job.

Good Luck

Very Happy <3

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Dalton the Hybrid Empty Re: Dalton the Hybrid

Post  Ushsi Shadow on Mon Sep 22, 2008 6:40 pm

I agree with Bells

I love my job
::happy dance::


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Dalton the Hybrid Empty Re: Dalton the Hybrid

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