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General Information
Name: Savanna Tiger-Heart

Age: 14

Gender: Female.

Weight: Human-120lbs. Tiger-500-550lbs.

Height: Human-5ft, 10in Tiger-3ft, 9in

Cursed Form: human/tiger

Human Appearance: Savanna’s human appearance is that of a 14 year old girl with whitish silver hair. Her eyes are an aqua blue. She has the same tattoos on her body as the marks on her tiger form. Blue stripes reaching from the corners of her eyes to the sides of her mouth, yellow lines around her eyes, and a large red sun mark between her shoulder blades. She has deep tanned skin that covers her lightly muscled body. However, no matter how weak she looks, she is stronger then the average human. Savanna is normally seen wearing a loosely-fitting, red tee-shirt that has a picture of a leaping tiger on it. She is almost always wearing jeans, but occasionally she can be seen wearing shorts.

Creature Appearance: Savanna’s creature appearance is that of a female white Siberian tiger. She has two blue lightning shaped lines running from the corners of her eyes to the beginning of her mouth. Her eyes are a light shade of blue. Yellow lines ring her eyes. Between her shoulder blades she has a large red sun mark. At the tip of her tail her color is blue. Her legs are sculpted for running and jumping. Her teeth and claws are sharper then diamond, allowing her to dig a den for herself through even the hardest rock. She can use her teeth to cut through bone, and even trees if she, for whatever reason, decides to build a fire. (She usually does this in cold weather, or if she has some cold blooded company that needs warmth.)

Historical Information: Savanna was born, seemingly human, to a normal family out in Minnesota. When Savanna accidentally slid into her tiger form, her parents freaked and kicked her out of their family. Savanna had been wandering on her own for years when she heard about the little city where there were more “creatures” like her. So Savanna traveled, for four more years, and came to this place. Savanna had been in her tiger form most of the time, for it made for easier traveling and hunting, so Savanna is now normally seen in this form. When she has to go into an area where there are normal humans, who would shoot her on sight if they saw her in her tiger form, she will become her human form.

(If in school)Grade: Savanna doesn’t like to go to the school, as she hasn’t ever gotten any kind of education, can’t sit still long enough to get through a whole class day, and doesn’t like the cramped buildings that most humans live in. However, if she had to go to school, she would be a freshman.

Personal Information

Likes: Savanna likes to lay out under the stars, watching for comets. Her favorite food is rabbit, raw if she’s a tiger, and hasenpfeffer if she’s a human.

Dislikes/Frustrations: Savanna is claustrophobic, so she doesn’t really like having to go into buildings, but she will swallow her fear if she has to or if she really wants to follow someone. She also doesn’t like it when people stare at her, as she had lived in the wild for most of her life and takes staring as a threat.

Habits: Savanna often attacks small moving animals, usually thinking they are food. She has a hard time not attacking phased people, like were cats, were wolves, were rabbits, etc. She also is seen many times just loping through the woods, just watching things, and enjoying the feel of the wind through her fur.

General Personality Overview: Savanna is a very secluded, troubled creature, for she is always nervous that she might accidentally attack someone she knows. She is very sensitive to her appearances, so if anyone makes fun of her, they may find themselves laid out from a smack over the head with her large paws. When Savanna does get a friend, she is very protective of them, and might attack anything that she thinks is threatening her friends. Savanna doesn’t like anyone that is over emotional, as in overly “huggy” or someone that talks a lot.

Powers: Savanna has the power to talk to people’s minds, as that is the only way she can communicate with them when she is in her tiger form. If Savanna feels like something is chasing her, she can look into their mind and see what they are thinking. If they are chasing her, or making an attempt on her life, she can scramble their thoughts and give them a massive headache. She can also fly short ways, about a mile or so per leap.

Weakness: Savanna’s weakness is electricity, as she can walk through any natural fire, and actually thrives in it. She loves to swim, so she is not weakened by water. If there is an electric storm, Savanna will hide out in her den, a small cave that is deep in the woods, and wait it out. If she is struck by any type of electricity she will be momentarily paralyzed. She will not be able to move again until someone pours water into her mouth.

Weapons: When Savanna is in her human form, she keeps a small dagger with her. It has an enchantment on it, making any wound it makes bleed worse then if it would have been inflicted by a normal dagger. If she gives someone a small cut it could bleed so bad that the person could end up in a hospital.

Mastery: Savanna has mastered most of her powers, but she still has problems with her killing instincts.

Role-play Example:: Savanna was happily loping through the forest, trees flying past her, wind blowing through her fur, the only noise she was making was the gentle sound of her breath. A few steps ahead of her, she heard a small crack of a stick. Savanna stopped her loping instantly. She dropped into a crouch, and sat stock still. Her powerful eyes zoomed up closer, peering into the bush ahead. She saw an orange and white tail, laying out in the trail, poking out of the bush. Savanna sent her thoughts out, seeking the mind of the fox that was laying in the bush. Her mind connected with it, and she felt the emptiness of an animals mind. Savanna bunched up her muscles for a pounce, her maw slowly opening, helping her smell the scent of the fox. Savanna uncoiled her muscles, and flew forward. She landed with a soft thud on top of the fox. She lowered her mouth quickly to the neck of the fox, gripped it’s neck in her strong jaws, and pulled. The head ripped off, and blood flowed freely on the ground.
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Great job.


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