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General Information
Name: Ushsi Shadow
Age: Roughly 325 (stuck looking 17)
Gender: Female.
Weight: 118lbs normal::75 phased fox form
Height: 6.5 inches tall normal::3 inches tall, 4.5 inches long phased

Cursed Form: Vampire/Jackal

Human Appearance:
Ushsi looks like a young, coldhearted girl. Long flowing raven black hair reaches the middle of her back, maybe even a little longer. There is one longer strand in the front that is wrapped up and at the end has one single blood bead. Her bangs cover her smooth ice-cold silverfish blue eyes. Her eyes get brighter and duller; this depends all on her mood. Her eyes are the only part of her that gives off her emotions. Her form is slender and graceful looking, as she truly is graceful. Her muscle is hidden well in her form as she doesn’t like to show how strong she is. Ushsi is stranger then most cursed for having tattoos on her skin. The one on the back of her neck is a Horace eye, symbolizing her physic abilities. She then has a jackal imprinted on her lower back that symbols her ability to phase. These have been on her since birth strangely.

Ushsi has a somewhat strange style in Anu city. Wearing no shorts ever, she sticks to pairs of dark washed faded jeans. They are extremely well fitting on her form as they should be. As for tops she wears a normal supply of tee-shirts and tanks, but most never see them. Either wearing her leather racing jacket or a hoodie with some band on it. What’s strange about her style is that she always wears fingerless leather gloves and an armband on each of her somewhat muscular arms. Including her dragon pendent for luck, a Celtic star, and two or three black crystals. Her shoes are either combat boots or a simple pair of Converse All-Stars, black of course.
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Creature Appearance:
When phasing into her vampiric form, the air will become cold and her form will be covered with a bright light and then will be frozen until she is ready. The ice that she is frozen in is harder then anything on the planet, making it a protective measure for her health and safety. When done she smashes the ice and stands there ready for anything new. Her hair went from black to pure white. Her haircut is the same covering one silverfish blue eye this time. Her eyes can glow different colors now, sometimes red for example. Her body has shown more muscle this time, making her look stronger then normal. The tattoos don’t disappear but can start glowing in this form. Looking even more graceful but yet set in stone. She is always cold, her body colder then ice. Her skin is harder then diamonds and her teeth are pointed and sharp like diamonds too. She is flawless in this form. (Depending on what situation she is in a Kitsune mask is over her face, as she is wearing a white winter kimono with a black and red stain tie. If not she is caught wearing her normal attire, only sometimes showing of her flawless body with skirts and such.)
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When phasing to her jackal creature form, she will freeze like before. When she’s done phasing, she breaks the ice with one simple swipe of her paw. After the ice is shattered her small white jackal form stands where the ice was. Her ears have grown longer and became pointier, while in other places her fur has grown longer and weird symbols have appeared Black ‘bangs’ cover her left silverfish blue orb, the other being shown nicely. Under her orbs are tattoos like images that are black that look somewhat like upside down crowns. Her long pointed ears have the same crown like symbol at the tips. On the back of her neck the Horace eye remains intact. From her head you go to her back where you see two small devilish wings that are pure white like her satin white fur. (These wings don’t always appear but I wanted to make sure I put it in there!) On her thigh is a small heart shape and on her front legs are tattoos that look like sewn marks. Her tail is long and fluffy feeling like satin. Her ‘socks’ are pitch black. Her legs are made for running at higher then normal speeds. Her claws and teeth are sharper then diamonds and cut through mostly anything making it easy for her to kill. She was built to kill, being fast yet stealthy, strong and deadly. Depending on what ability she is using (except invisibility) the black in her coat might change colors such as red, but normally is a pitch black color. Overall she looks sleek, dangerous and very clean. She is simply built for her needs.
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Historical Information:
At a young age her parents both died. She never knew compassion and love. No one needed her or anything. When news of the curse being out, she had already known she had it. You see, she was one of the few stuck in the faculties holding the cursed before human knew about the curse. Her brain was fast to develop and she was smarter then what was expected of a so called 17 year old who truly was older then them all. She easily escaped and went into hiding for about a year. When coming back out of hiding many knew her name. Ushsi, first to be cursed. That’s what they would say. The cursed respected yet resented her like the humans around her. After having enough she kept to herself, keeping rule over the cursed haven city, Anu. Now living in Anu, she goes to the high school, craving more and more knowledge. She keeps to herself but sometimes doesn’t.

(If in school)Grade: Senior

Personal Information:
Likes: Fruity candy and or gum. She also likes animals.
Dislikes/Frustrations: Mostly everything she dislikes and can get her mad.
Habits: She normally stares at people, in the eyes which tends to scare or intimidated others.

General Personality Overview:
Being of her past, she is trapped to being emotionless, weary and very cold hearted to others. She can’t trust others being the circumstances she has always been under until now. Once a caring one, she fell to being harsh and alone in the world she lived in. She is still extremely shy though. Her spirit is broken but yet she remains strong to others. She never really makes friends but she never really tries, seeing it’s never really on her list to do. Normally calm, she has a very short fuse. Her temper is violent and cold, making her a perfect killer. She shows no mercy, since she never had it. Being respectful helps her keep herself alive, and this is the only reason she is respectful others. She listens to the elders but doesn’t normally respond. Many listen to her for her knowledge, being she has this gift from the gods. She is complex with many walls to block her many thoughts. If you can make her want a reason to live she will respect you more then anything.

Ushsi has the ability to copy or absorb another's powers or skills; the weakness for
this power is that she doesn’t always have complete control over what the
power is making it hard for people to control her. Ability to create or
manipulate ice. Making ice from the water around her (including from the
water droplets in the air.) This power is every strong, fire barely destroys it
when her effort is put worth well. The main problem with this ability is that it
is simply tied to her emotions. So if she is extremely mad (for example), ice
will form around her and maybe even freeze a person near her. When she
hasn’t eaten or slept for some time, these powers will drain her
Being part vampire she can disappear at will, reappearing anywhere she well pleases. Also she learned how to not use sound, making it so she can sneak up on enemies. And she also can control, read, and overload the minds of others, causing minor pain to herself in the process sometimes.

Weapons: Throwing needles, two blood ruby daggers, double front bladed sword, throwing needles and most of all her scythe. (Sorry that’s a lot)

Mastery: Yes.

Role-play Example:
Ushsi sat alone on the cloak tower, waiting for morning. Anubas popped his head out of the bag and panted. She reached over and petted him gently. Continuing to stare at the city below, she enjoyed the moment. A couple hours before it had been raining, so Ushsi and Anubas hid out in an old house. She closed her eyes and gently yawned. After a short while she told Anubas to go back in the bag, listening he laid back down and slept. She grabbed her skates and headed to the stairs. Taking it slowly, she made it to the ground floor. She leaned against the wall and smiled at Anubas. She picked him up slowly, and then placed him on the floor. “Let’s walk honey.” She said, standing straight up now. Ushsi started to walk into the street, keeping her gaze on the moon, put throwing a few glances at Anubas, who was happily jumping around. They soon arrived at a small house that she well knew. She rapped on the door for a minute and then stepped back. Anubas sat waiting for the door. A minute later the door was opened by a little old lady. “Good night?” Ushsi asked sweetly, as she walked into the house. The little lady nodded gently and walked into another room. Ushsi signaled Anubas to go to bed as that was what she was doing.

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