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Post  Striker on Thu Sep 25, 2008 6:57 pm

"Come on maggots I want to see you SWEAT!!!! Rosley MOVE YOUR ASS NOW!!!!" His voice was strong and tense, It wasn't mad but it was irritated. A sound of a whistle sounded off 3 times. "I want to see you MOVING!!! IT SHOULD ONLY TAKE 5 MINUTES TO RUN THIS YOU SISSIES!!!! Well news for you it's been 7!!!" Striker's face was becoming a reddish pink color and his muscles where begging to flair. "Shut up dude. We're doing the best that we can." The voice had come from one of the runners in the back. One of those I played the game so I can be in it guys. "What did you say?" Striker stopped the man simply by holding his ground in front of him as he was running. "I didn't say anything." The boy's voice was like an annoying little kids and it burned inside of striker's ears. "Listen boy I donít have time to teach you how to respect your superiors so Iíll just take your time. It looks to me like you are one of those couch potatoes that think their hot shit. Well youíre in my neck of the woods now boy and Iím gonna tell you right now. This is real life it ain't like the games." Striker stared at the man his face had an expression like no other. "I'm 23." the man said. "What?"
"I'm 23." the boy had repeated himself like striker was deft and stupid.
"I heard what you said."
"Then why did you ask?"
" I was just seeing if you would change your mind. This is the military idiot! Age doesnít matter here. RANK DOES." With a blow of his whistle the conversation was over. "All of you run the obstacle course twice and then run 7 more laps curacy of your 23 year old friend here." The men groaned and began to run back out to the training area. " I ain't your friend boys. I'm here to get you ready for what's to come. If you donít like my way of teaching well that's just to damn bad. I'm here and be thankful it's me and not some of the others. I could have a sergeant major come out here instead if you like. But they ainít gonna take shit like your pal here either. I suggest you keep your mouth shut and your feet moving. Do i make myself clear?!?!"
"Sir, Yes Sir."
"Good. Now MOVE IT!!!"

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