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Post  Mana Shinmen on Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:37 pm

General Information
Name: Mana Shinmen
Age: 17
Gender: Female.
Weight: Secret <3 (About 54 Kilograms)
Height: 5”6’ (I feel short)
Cursed Form: Human
Human Appearance: Mana Shinmen Anime-music
Creature Appearance: Human
Historical Information: I was born in a town somewhere outside of Tokyo. It was a small town where everbody knew everyone. Of course, I wasnt the most normal kid in town. I almost never talked, unless I needed something special. When I was 5, my parents send me to a military camp. There I was trained to be a soldier. They taught me everything, from loading a gun to flying a fighter jet. I was able to learn this much because I never asked and always followed my order perfectly. I was then send to a special military base at the age of 12, from then on I was the youngest person at that base (I still am actuly.) Because of my status as a “female” officer in the army, they went easy on me. The biggest mistake they ever made. In 3 years, I became the head of the military base. From there on you will all read in myu posts.

Personal Information
Likes: Guitar, Rock music, Guns, Strawberries, Walks in the forest at night
Dislikes/Frustrations: Annoying people that dont know their place in the world <.< And perverts
Habits: Falling asleep during meeting cause she was out to late at night and playing guitar in her room
General Personality Overview: I’m a 17 year old girl that has the rank of General of the Army. What do you think?
I know my rank gives me a lot of responsibility, and I hate people who dont respect me. Sometimes I wish the death penalty was still allowed. Further more, I am not realy connected to someone as fast as other and I like my privacy.

Ability: No special powers what so ever. But because of my training, my accuracy with a gun, my health and ability to come up with plans are better then the average soldier.
Weakness: I’m careless when I go out for walks in the city or nightly walks in a forest. And the last thing I need at that moment are soldiers or guards next to me comanding me what to do.
Weapons: A katana and loads of guns
Mastery: Yush, I have completely mastered my stuff

Role-play Example:: Mana walked out of the building of the military base and walked up to a fighter jet. He inspected the fuel and climbed into the plane. As the plane closed and she fastened herself, she started to heat the engine. She started to increase the power of the engine as the brakes of the planes were still on. (Kinda like making then engine of your car roar, but then with a fighter jet, dont try this at home.) When the engine reached 75%, she released the brakes and the fighter jet flew off with an incredible speed. It took her less then 3 seconds from when she took off, to break the sound barrier. A wonderfull feeling, when the sound of your engine disappeares. When reaching the clouds she flew over and looked around. Endless clouds and not a sound. Beautiful.
Mana Shinmen
Mana Shinmen

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