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Post  Striker on Mon Sep 22, 2008 4:01 pm

General Information
Name: Jake Hiddin (nickname Striker)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Weight: 150Lbs

Height: 6’4”

Cursed Form: human

Human Appearance: Striker has Blonde hair that spikes out by itself in all directions. His form is muscular, for he is a General. His eyes are blue and his skin is white/a little tan. Jake’s left ear is pierced. Figure the rest out by yourself with the pictures.

Jake Hiddin Cloud_SunGlasses
Jake Hiddin Cloud
Jake Hiddin Cloud-4

He has one tattoo. His tattoo is a cross that goes with his spine on his back.

Jake Hiddin Cross

Creature Appearance: has none for he is human.

Historical Information: With a father in the Army Jake’s life story was moving place to place, packing up and relocating and switching from military school to next military school. Each year he was top of his class for the fear of upsetting his dad was great. Even though his father was in the army didn’t mean that he couldn’t be an alcoholic. His dad came home sometimes so drunk that he would take anything out on him, his own son. Jake was always blamed for his mother’s death. She died giving him life. When Jake turned 13 his dad took him to work one day. It was the first time that Jake had seen the base. Everything looked so cool to him, finding himself intrigued by the guns didn’t surprise him much and neither it to his father. When he was aloud to wonder around by himself Jake came across an experiment in the lab and they needed a subject. Thinking that he was the boy they had been sent they took him in a heart beat. Jake struggled and screamed to get away from them but he couldn’t. As a young boy he wasn’t the strongest in his class. So they started to strap him down to the table and injected some kind of chemical mess into him. Jake’s father ran in just as they had finished and threw himself into an out burst. His father threw the entire chemical down the drain and punched the nearest scientist. Security took him away and Jake followed. As the months went by Jake began to start hearing voices in his head. Jake’s father took him back to the base and they did experiments on him for 6 weeks. They later concluded that he could now read minds. They began to train him at the base to be a fighter for them. One day in training the instructor had told Jake to be like a snake and be sneaky about his work. So, in the blink of an eye Jake turned into a snake right before their eyes. Now was he not only able to read minds but he could shape shift too. When he turned into a snake he strook at his instructor for it was in his snake instincts, Hence the nickname striker. Now dubbed Striker he was trained to control his powers and he was trained in combat and enrolled into the army the day he turned 16. This was a very early age to be in the army but it was worth it for he gained rank quickly. He is now a General in the army.

Personal Information
Likes: Girls, football, his dog Track, and giving orders

Dislikes/Frustrations: Cocky little Privates in the army.

Habits: Striker like to change form on people all of the time.

General Personality Overview: Striker is your normal General when he is at the base or around other army officials. But outside of the army he’s a nice guy most of the time anyway. Don’t underestimate him though. He can be a cold hearted killer if he wants to be.

Ability: ability to read minds, Shape shifter and he takes on the strengths and weaknesses of that animal..

Weakness: When he is reading minds he cant look directly into your eyes or he looses it. For that is they way that he was taught to control it which helped in favor of the base for then they knew that he was listening. If you find someone he loves you can use them against him for shape shifting has no weakness. It’s just changing form.

Weapons: Oh Striker has many Toys. From his small little .357 magnum revolver to his MMG and all the guns in between and some that are bigger but he can only use those at the base. Last he has a cross bow, Made by one of his Native American friends that was later killed by a vampire.

Mastery: Yes! Holey shit YES! He was in the army of course he has them mastered.

Role-play Example:: He swept into the area quiet as a mouse, his footsteps became longer than the rest. Striker crept along the hallway trying not to be seen by the enemy. Stopping at the corner he held his hand up signaling for his men to stop, he took a glance around it and saw the camera. He took his black scarf and draped it over his face so his face wouldn’t be seen and jumped out and shot the camera. It only took one shot being an easy target. His hand did a, bring it, motion to his troops and they continued down the hallway. They closed in on a door and His sergeant came forward with one of the other guys. At the same time they kicked down the door and fired their first round. Sweeping through the scenery the men piled into the room Striker Walked in and shot the man sitting in the desk and then removed his scarf mask and said. “All right boys. Good job! Now you are getting the hang of being a team.” A buzzer sounded off and the curtains rose exposing the team that was watching the entire thing. A voice boomed on the intercom.” Great job boys now let’s take it to real life. Stricker your team would like to have you back now.” Striker walked through the glass doors to his right and accompanied his father to the coffee room for a drink.

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