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General Information
Name: Isabelle BlackRose
Age: 15
Gender: female.
Weight: 115lbs
Height: 5ft 3inch
Cursed Form: Wolf
Human Appearance: Isabelle is your normal teenage girl who appears to be loving and kind. I’m sorry but you are dead wrong. Her long blonde falls across her rounded shoulders and down her back. This hides her peach skinned shoulders. Isabelle eyes are the color of blue when she is normal but change her mood and her eyes will tell you exactly what mood you have made her. If she is mad they go blood red. If she is sad they black out. Other moods you will find out as you talk to her. Looking her down from top to bottom her body has muscle tone but it’s not super defined. She looks a tad bit weak but in reality she can lift someone that is 50x her size. If you stripped away all of her clothes you would see her Tattoo which resides on her lower back right above her right ass cheek. It’s a wire cross with a picture of her wolf form in the right upper corner. The rest of the corners have tallies in them. Each tally is for a person that has challenged her and died, 83 in total. Her last tattoo is a name. The name belonged to her brother who was killed by a werewolf in a dispute over territory. His name was Rave. She loved him very much. This tattoo is on her left shoulder but is sometimes hidden by her hair.
Isabelle BlackRose Tattoo012

Isabelle BlackRose Tattoo2013

Isabelle has many outfits but only 3 favorite ones. Her most favorite is her green/grey skirt with her yellow bikini top that ties in two places. She wears rainbow shoes with this outfit. Her second outfit is her fighters’ one. Long black skinny jeans with a skull studded belt laid across the top, a black shirt with a white wolf outline and black arm bands on each hand consist on both of her arms. Isabelle loves her long black formal gown. This gown is more like a prom dress than anything, which is if prom dresses could be fought in. her dress is halter topped and is cut from the bottom of her hip down to the ground so she can move her legs freely.

Isabelle BlackRose Blonde0

Creature Appearance: When she changes into a wolf her skin goes black and black fur begins to pop. Her form shrinks and her feet and hands become paws and a tail pops out of her butt. The fur on her tail is a light yet dark blue but only on the top part. Her eyes are surrounded by the same color blue but only under the eye. On her front legs she has half of a symbol on each. When she stands with them together you can see the full symbol.

Isabelle BlackRose Blackwolf

Historical Information: As a child her family moved around a lot with them all being part wolf. The pack was banished from many cities from random killings that wasn’t ever their fault but it always seemed as if it were a wolf attack. When her parents left to find a new area, she and her brother stayed behind to keep guard on the new estate that which they lived in. That was when her older brother was killed by a black werewolf that came out of no where. Even though her brother was older than she, she was the more powerful. She stepped in front of her brother to protect him from the beast but as it pulled its large paw back to slash her to pieces her brother pushed her out of the way. As rave fell to the ground, his blood seeping everywhere, Isabelle charged at the werewolf but as her foot went in to dent his face he vanished in a puff of smoke. Her parents never came back and her older brother died in her arms. He had told her to move away from this place and that’s why she’s roaming around at the age of 15.

(If in school)Grade: Sophomore.

Personal Information
Likes: Isabelle likes to take walks at night in the moon light which seems to calm her down, talk to anyone who is willing, anything green, swords, and suckers.

Dislikes/Frustrations: She hates it when the opposite sex thinks that he’s better than her. This will get her in an up roar in two shakes of a tail feather.

Habits: she fidgets and walks around a lot.

General Personality Overview: Isabelle’s personality depends on which mood she’s in. When she’s in a happy mood she’s giddy and seems a bit crazy. She jumps around and does flips even though there is people watching her. If she gets music in her head she will either break out in song or begin to dance which to you would be dancing to nothing. Sorry but to her it’s dancing to what ever song is in her head. Now when she is mad she’s the biggest bitch that you will ever meet. Give her one reason to want to bite your head off and she will in 2 seconds. Most of the time she can control her temper but it is very short fused. She can snap on the flip of a dime if the time of day is just right. So don’t piss her off. She can show mercy but only if you have shown her that you deserve it. Once a whelp decided to poke her in the sides for an hour and she told him to stop 50 times during the process, since she was in a good mood she let it go on for that long. After the hour was up she swung around and slammed a dagger right next to his head but into the wall. A tiny piece of hair fell to the ground as she screamed in his face. Biggest bitch in the world you might say but he had it coming to him.

Ability: Isabelle has the power to move objects with her mind (telekinesis). All she has to do is think about what she wants the object to do and is does it. To signify that she can move things her fingers may spread apart and her arm may rise or she may place her fingers to her temples and shut her eyes. Another power that she has is the power to blood bend. She can bend the blood inside of you and make you move however she wants you to. The only weakness she has is that she’s super ticklish and she needs total concentration when she is doing her powers.

Weapons: Isabelle has a samurai sword and a set of daggers

Isabelle BlackRose Samurai_Sword

Isabelle BlackRose Daggers
Mastery: Isabelle has mastered her abilities to the point of almost being a master on her telekinesis and is a master on blood bending.

Role-play Example:: Isabelle’s hand was dripping with sweat as she clenched her hand shut. In her other hand was the necklace her brother had given her on her 13th birthday. She looked at the man standing in front of her who had just tried to rape her. Her eyes a deep red and a southern glare on her face was her expression. As the man charged her she turned her back to him and crunched herself down to the ground keeping her sword in front of her raised knee until the right moment. As she herd his footsteps getting closer she swung her sword under her arm and felt the hard jerk of the body plunging into it. She stood up letting the body fall off of her form and pulling her sword out. Taking a white cloth out of her pocket she cleaned her sword and placed it back into it’s holder. She walked away through the small puddle of blood from her new victim. She now had her 83rd kill and needed to go to the tattoo store.

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Oh my god darling.
This is smoking.

okay done.

Accepted. by Ushsi.

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