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General Information
Name: Kohana Wombliska aka Eagle

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Weight: 142

Height: 5’8”

Cursed Form: Were eagle

Human Appearance: Eagle is a Lakota Sioux (Native American), he has two eagle feathers in his hair because of his victory in war and to represent what he turns into. His eyes are as black as night but around the pupil is a gold ring and his gaze is piercing like a fresh sharpened knife. His hair is ebony black. He has a well rounded tan that darkens his muscular body. He has a scar that runs from his eye brow to cheek bone. How it came to be there is from a fight with a white man that was drunker then a skunk. He is seen wearing moccasins, leggings, war shirt and his hair in two braids wrapped with leather.

Creature Appearance: Eagle’s transformed appearance is that of a common bald eagle. His eyes are a deep golden, the feathers on his head are pearly white, and his body feathers are ebony black. Around his right eye is a red circle and around his left is a black circle. Beneath his right wing is a small mark that looks like an hour glass with out the stand because that is the Lakota symbol.

Historical Information: Eagle had lived a normal, making war with the enemy tribes, breaking horses exc., when he found out about his “other self” he kept it a secret because he didn’t know how much havoc it would reek but nothing can be kept a secret for long. The elders thought he was a spirit but the younger generation thought that he should be cast out, because it was when the times changing and the younger generations made the decisions he was considered an outcast.

(If in school)Grade: 12th

Personal Information

Likes: Eagle likes to be with others. He also likes to do things with out being told how to do it if he already knows how he wants to do it but will gladly consider other’s ideas. He likes to meet people and to hunt.

Dislikes/Frustrations: People that tell him he can’t do a certain thing because of who and what he is. He doesn’t like people that think that they are always right and nothing will change the way of how the outcome is.

Habits: Eagle hunts for anything that he can get an arrow in or if he is his “other self” what ever he can get his claws on. When he is his “normal self” he can be seen riding horse, and counting coup when he is in war. (Coup is when a warrior tries to touch a person with a coup stick with out the person knowing)

General Personality Overview: Eagle is normally friendly, depending on what is going on. When he doesn’t know someone he’ll be more cautious then if he knew the person. When something happens to a friend he can become very angry, bloodthirsty even. He will track anything to the ends of the earth if it kills anyone he loves.


Ability: He has the ability to control the wind, all he needs to do is flick his wings (the slightest flick would make a slight breeze into a little wurl-wind.)

Weakness: Eagle’s weakness is anything that has to do with earth. If someone is able to create walls, make rocks fly through the air etc.

Weapons: Dagger, Spear, Bow and Arrow.

Mastery: Because he is still kind of new with his “other self” he sometimes can’t get his “other self” to come at command and it sometimes “comes“ at times when he doesn‘t want it to.

Role-play Example::
“Your family is cursed! Remember Chikala Sunkawakan?”
Little Horse was only 5 when he was found out by the elders.
Memories flooded Eagle’s eyes at the thought of his older brother’s name.
because he was paranormal the elders thought that Eagle was going to run or harm the village because he could turn into an Eagle at what they thought was “at will” but to him it was just random happenings. So they kept his wrists bound to a pole in the shaman’s tipi to try and clean him of his “wicked ways” because no man or woman should ever have the power to become an eagle or anything as sacred that wasn’t sent from Woken Tonka (Great Spirit) After they found it was useless to try and clean him of his wicked ways they decided it was time to send him away like they did Little Horse. “I have found that it is hopeless to save you from your… predicament.” the shaman said. “Why couldn’t you have done away with me like you did with Little Horse in the first place, it would have saved my family from so much misery.
The Shaman didn’t say anything.
The day dragged on until night came. “Kohana Wambliska now it’s time.” He pulled the stake from the ground and pulled me form the tipi.” said the Shaman.
When we were out into the middle of the circle of tipis he started his speech.
“Brothers… Sisters… we thought he was like us but he is as much the opposite. We have tried to see if it was just a coincidence but it is true… the Elk Heart family is cursed.
Eagle saw his mother turn away and bury her face into his father’s shoulder to hid the tears. “Get into the circle!” The shaman unbound Eagle’s wrists and dropped the rope on the ground, He started the chant, the same words as he did when Little Horse was where Eagle sat now.
Eagle started to get light headed, it felt as if his spirit was being peeled from him like skinning the hide from a deer or a rabbit. He cried out in agony as the chant proceeded, sweat ran down his face and body from the heat of the fire from the burning sweet grass. From what the crowd saw it looked as if his body disintegrated and flew away like smoke in the wind. When there was nothing left the fire dyed down and the night blackened everything.
Eagle’s mind twisted and turned around things of the unexplainable, he finally “landed” at a time, a stone of the future, that was where the shaman had sent him instead of the next life.
When he came to himself his eyes scanned the surroundings. From what he could tell from the dark he was in a woods, there were calls that he had never heard of. Still dazed from what had happened he got up anyway and walked for the sake of walking and hoping he didn’t meet up with something that was bigger then what his knife could kill for he had no other weapons and he didn’t know a damned thing about the Eagle form. After what seemed like he walked for a few leagues he came to what looked like a white’s town, there were some shops, homes and of course a bar but what confused him the most was why they didn’t have horses. After walking for some time through the town he found a building with a light on.
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No Offense but holy shit!
I adore your rp example...made me wanna read more.

+Accepted Big Time+

;;she laughed and waved;;
RP soon as you like...


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