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Nightmares Live Alone {Work in progress::story} Empty Nightmares Live Alone {Work in progress::story}

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Nightmares Live Alone
{Part one of the story: The Birthday}

It was past the time of darkness. A lone girl sat on the edge of an old clock tower, a hood covering her eyes. Her name was Ash Blackfurym and was at the age of 400 years old. Sadly she was alone that horrid day, and it was pouring rain. Lupus sat down next to the girl and asked something strange. “My lady, if I might ask, why of all places are you back here?” Ash simply looked down at the street and smiled. “I don’t know…I was somewhat drawn here” then snapping her fingers, she jumped off the roof, the wind feeling good against her open skin. Lupus followed and landed before Ash had. When she finally did, one foot gently tapped the ground and then the other did the same. Sighing gently, she turned to walk in the direction of the ruins. Lupus head hung low and Ash kept her distance from the passing town-folk. Her mind raced with thoughts of the past. It had all started here, on that day, 384 years ago.

Early that day she had made camp in the middle of a forest, that nobody human dared entered. Feeling safe she sat down and looked up, the stars brightly shinning above the world. In that spot she could hear every single noise around her. After a while she leaned back and closed her eyes, smiling gently. The world was her playground. Then hearing something approach, she grabbed her scythe. She dared to ask who it was. Disappearing, the figure stepped out and sat down on the log Ash had just been sitting on. The girl had purple hair, with stunning green eyes. Ash gasped and jumped out of a near by tree. “Koto? Is that really you?” she asked gently. The girl stood up and ran to hug her. When she reached her, the girl smiled and nodded. “Where have you been…I waited!” Ash looked at her with a grin. “I was at the cloak tower.” Both of them noticed yet another person in their mist…

A tall man whispered in the wind. He stood there like a statue, tall and gorgeous. Ash’s eyes went wide, and she ran to him. She skidded to a stop in front of him. “Tom!” she smiled, closing her eyes. His hair was black and somewhat spiky; his eyes were a deep blue. Ash hugged him, as he stood there smiling. Tom looked down at her and wrapped his arm around her waist. Koto laughed a little and mocked Ash. “Love birds.” Was all she had to say for Ash to start blushing. “Koto, please stop. It’s my birthday.” She then smiled letting go of Tom and running to do a back-flip. After she finished, she yawned and sat down. “I love you guys!” Koto skipped over to Ash, sitting down next to her. She rested her head on Ash’s shoulder. “I can only stay this night.” She muttered into Ash’s ear gently. Ash looked down, trying to not look that sad. Tom sat down across from them and watched the little fire, Ash had made. “Same here…but I can stay until the morning.” His voice sounded sweet but harsh. Ash looked up to Tom’s beautiful face and smiled. “Oh ok…I understand. I’m leaving tomorrow anyways. I found my new prey.” She said the last part with a smirk on her face. Her blue eyes, swiftly changed silver.

Koto looked at Ash carefully, a little worried about her now. Ash’s face was lighted up by the fire, her deadly face catching the little heat that it gave off. “So…what have you two been doing?” Ash asked carefully. Koto shrugged. “I’ve been finding new prey…harder too.” Tom looked up and stared at Ash. “I’ve been wandering around random places. Am I the only one that thinks its weird to have us two vampire…” he pointed to himself and to Ash, “ and a werewolf.” Tom’s eyes now on Koto. She simply shrugged. “I love her, and I’m starting to like you. So quite whinning.” She looked at him, weirdly. Ash smiled at then looked down at the fire again. Koto looked up towards the sky and then sighed. “Tom come here.” Tom stood up and walked gracefully over to them. Koto smiled. “Now sit.” She pointed next to Ash. Ash blushed a deep shade and stood up. “Koto you should leave, its late, real late.” Koto stood slowly, hugged Ash, and walked into the forest. She raised a hand, and made a peace sign. “Bye lovebirds.”

Since Ash and Tom were alone now, everything seemed weird to Ash. “So…what do you want to do?” she asked, wanting to reach for his hand. Tom looked at her wildly. “Well I don’t really mind” knowing what she was thinking, he reached for her hand. Instead of wanting it now, she jumped up and walked to a tree. “Tom I don’t want you to be hurt anymore. Find something else. I…can’t do that to you anymore.” Ash looked down, feeling tears at her eyes. Since she was different, she couldn’t cry anymore. She just sat there and waited, waited for anything. Tom looked at her and then muttered something. “I’ll get going. If you ever are in harm, I’ll be there. I…love…you” he whispered the last three words as he disappeared. Then all was silent, except for her deep thoughts. She slid down the tree, taking out a dagger. She put it to her wrist and cut, but in a matter of minutes, the wound was healed. So the night closed around her as she waited for the day.

::Morning of the next day!::

Ash stepped out of the shadows from a building. She looked up to the sky and sighed. “Atleast its over” she muttered as she started to walk through the city again, looking for anything out of place. Her mind was still on last night and what Tom said to her. In the morning she decided to walk around to see if Tom and Koto really did leave. Ashe sighed but was tapped on the shoulder by an old man. “May I help you?” Ash gently asked a small smile on her face. The old man stared at her and nodded. “I…I cant seem to find my granddaughter” the man looked scared and worried. Ash nodded and closed her eyes, scanning for the little girl. Noticing she was in the park, she smiled and asked him to grab her arm. The man nodded and listened, placing his hand on her arm. In a mater of seconds the old man faced the little girl. “Grandpa!” the bouncy young girl ran up and hugged him. The old man turned to Ash as she started to walk away. “Miss Ash…thank you.” Ash looked back flashed her smile and continued walking.

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