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Post  Dracule Vanra on Sun Sep 14, 2008 3:49 pm

General Information
Name: Dracule Vanra
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Weight: 65 Kg
Height: 6'2"
Cursed Form: Human with powers
Human Appearance:
Dracule Vanra Finalfantasyviizackjg9
Dracule Vanra Finalfantasyviizack2il6
(About the hair. Time is diffrent in each dimension, so it might happen that he is gone 2 second on earth, but 5 years passed from him. Doesnt affect him body cause it keeps on the time of the earth, except for the hair, that grows depending on the timeflow of the dimension)
Creature Appearance: Human
Historical Information: He was born somewhere in the area of Austria (Goes there a lot to go snowboarding and stuff.) He discovered that he was able to open portals in his room where ever he wanted. The older he became, the bigger his range of his portals and was able to open windows after 5 years (And then accidently pushed his parents into a window to hell or something at the age of 11.) He started going to school where he was usualy bullied. At about the age of 15, he found an oversized sword in an empty dimension. Carries the sword ever since and grew attached to it. Never killed anyone with it tough. He rather liked to keep it clean by sending them to other dimension (Hell for example) to die there (Fun fun.) Found a school for "Special" people like him so went to check it out.
Grade: 11th

Personal Information::
Likes: To read books (The bigger the better)
Dislikes/Frustrations: When people annoy him when he is reading or trying to create a big portal (What takes a lot of time to create)
Habits: Well, hardly ever uses his sword. The sword represends his honor so only uses it when its needed.
General Personality Overview: Simple: Fight first, ask questions later. When fighting in group he would most likely disappear and then step out of a portal in the middle of the group with a grin on his face. He also uses the attacks of his enemy against them by changing the paths of their attacks with portals (Pretty damn annoying if you ask me.) He hardly fights himself unless its a fight about honor.

Ability: Ability to create windows and portals that pass time, space and matter.
Weakness: You never know who or what is looking at the other side of the window. Opening a portal to a diffrent dimension has a great risk with the fact that you dont know what is in the other dimension. And the bigger the portal, the more time it takes to create and stabelize
Weapons: An oversized sword (Check the picture).
Mastery: My powers have been completely mastered.

Role-play Example::
A grey colored desert with strange trees and strange creatures. Not the slightest wind or movement. All of the sudden the sky got ripped open as black combat boots hit the sand. All the creatures turned their head to the person that showed up. The sky closed as the person got out. "Man, I realy have to write down the window key to earth. What was it again." He tought as he kicked against the sand. "Aha, I remember... Oh wait, that was hell, dont want to see my parents again after I send them there." He grinned as he leaned against a huge grey building. "Oh yeah." He pushed off from the building and made a few handsigns and then seemed to be moving objects that werent there. The sky ripped open again as he disappeared into it.
Dracule Vanra
Dracule Vanra
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