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Post  Paine on Sun Sep 14, 2008 1:53 pm

General Information
Name: Paine Severiella
Age: 19
Gender: female
Weight: 98 and a quarter pound.
Height: 5'6
Cursed Form: human/Avian
Human Appearance: Reaching the Average height of 5'6, she would a lovely creamy lautee color with raven black hair, shining reg highlights naturally streaking through her hair. Her Cheekbones would be high, showing some old indian blood in her. She would be Very skinny, cause of her unaverage weight of 98 pounds. Her bones would be slightly more woodliek like a bird and her lungs and heart larger ans stronger to help when she was in Avian form. She wears blue jean Shorts and a thread bare black tank that hugged her form nicely.

Creature Appearance: Her cursed form, which is the form she mostly stay's in is her human Avian form. She looks mostly the same but her mucles have changed to accomidate the excersize and lift she puts herself through. Her wing span is 2 and a hlaf times longer than her arm span and they are black with red tips throught.

Grade: Graduate.

Personal Information
Likes: She likes star filled nights and to sleep in most of the mornings.
Dislikes/Frustrations: Perverted men, Spicey foods.
Habits: Ah tends to run her hands through her hair and bite her lower lip when nervous.
General Personality Overview: Being your quiet thoughtfull lip she lets her strenght roll off of her like a dangerous aura. Her soul is black from all the years she has lived hiding form the few uncursed humans and fight those that want them destrroyed. She is a very angry young woman but can turn kind and gentle towards those that cry out for it.

Ability: She had no real outstanding power except for the part of begin much stronger than human's, meaning she can lift 50 times her own weight and when in flight she can reach the speeds of light.
Weakness: Water. Sadly no matter how light she is she will always sink in the water.
Weapons: Scythe, long sword, short sword (Double or single) Daggers, Kunai, (which is a form of dagger) Throwing star's and oban needles.
Mastery: Yes I have mastered my powers.

Role-play Example:: Paine sat up high in the tree of the school. No matter if she was graduate or not this place would always be somewhere were she felt safe. Stretching out tired arms blood would slowly trickle from the many lasherations and gashed her body had taken on before that evening. She spent most of her days fight the more homicidal types of the cursed then the other half fighting of the normal people that wont so bad for there to be a war.
Raising a blood stained hand shen pushed back her long black bangs, watching some cursed students head towards her tree. "Turn back before i rip your tongues out!' She hissed in they're direction.

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Post  Ushsi Shadow on Sun Sep 14, 2008 1:59 pm

Love it.

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