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Character Template! Empty Character Template!

Post  Ushsi Shadow on Sat Sep 13, 2008 10:15 pm

General Information
Name: Self-explanatory.
Age: Self-explanatory.
Gender: Male or female.
Weight: How much do you weigh?
Height: How tall are you?
Cursed Form: What exactly are you?
Human Appearance: What does your character look like in their human form?
Creature Appearance: If you have one or more drop down 2 lines and explain your other appearance. (For it to be accepted look at what cursed form you can be or if you are strictly human put ‘human’)
Historical Information: The history behind your character. Like how you became as you are now, how he or she got you got your powers, ect. Things like that.
(If in school)Grade: Say what grade you would like to be, but the Admin still decides if you get a different grade or not! So the more or less you do the more higher or lower I can rank you. Or keep you at what you are.

Personal Information
Likes: What does your character like?
Dislikes/Frustrations: What does he/she not like? And what makes them mad?
Habits: What does your character do often?
General Personality Overview: Please write a minimum of one paragraph describing a basic overview of your character's personality.

Ability: Explain your powers to us. Please don't forget the slightest detail!
Weakness: Yes, you have to put weaknesses into your powers, else it wouldn't be fair. Because I don’t like the people who think they cant die. ||sighed deeply as Admin||
Weapons: What weapons you use. Any weapons that are not stated here will not be allowed to use.
Mastery: Have you mastered your powers or not? Very important!!!

Role-play Example::
(Have fun doing this part! Must be at least a paragraph…I want to see you at your best!)
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